August 28th 2013 04:01 am

Oh 5.4, Where art thou?


Hey folks, I’m back after a long 4th of July party! It was great! We had barbecue, fireworks of course, and a bit of WoW.  I still love the game, but Blizzard is just teasing with the release of 5.4, taking their sweet time to release it… It makes me want to wait for the patch to play again with all of the amazing new changes to take place. Here are some changes from the 5.4 PTR patch notes at Blizzard.

New Raid: Siege of Orgrimmar — Sounds great, but no information?! I would love to have Ally try and take on Org, but what do I know because they’re not saying…

New Feature: Flexible Raid Difficulty — I don’t understand why the need for this. If it’s easier than LFG Raid Finder, but harder than Normal, and difficulty scales on the players? The part about no minimum ilvl is pretty cool though.

New Area: Timeless Isle — Sounds intriguing, but is it for solo only? Seems like I should make a DK or Pally next after my Lock if this island is only for soloing.

New Feature: Proving Grounds — Sounds somewhat like a variation on the Brawler’s Guild, but with your challenge depending on your spec; healer, tank, dps, etc.

New Feature: Connected Realms — I don’t know why they would do this, except to make the servers feel more populated, without performing a shutdown of low population realms, which is bad for business. What will connected realms mean for buying wow gold? Will that make it easier?

Redesigned Arena System — I am a bit neutral on this, the patch notes aren’t very specific. It seems like they are just refining the system to be more fair in matching competitors.

The Legendary Quest Continues — Yes, now you can work with Wrathion again, and turn your ilvl 600 cloak into legendary quality, and only then can you access the Sanctum of Ordos on top of the timeless isle. This is account wide so you only have to do it once.

Battlefield: Barrens — The easy weekly quest to get a nice ilvl 489 piece of your choice — is canceled. Maybe the Siege of Orgrimmar is its replacement?

Whew, looks like a great lineup for the coming patch, I really really can’t wait! In the meantime while waiting, I continue to get the most ridiculous Chinese spam, here are some examples below:

spam-bag3 spam-bag-1

Really? That’s the best you got? You won’t even make it easy for me to click a link? You think I’m able to decipher your broken English and then manually type your website in? I think not, buddy… You shouldn’t be surprised that these spam mails don’t work, so stop letting yourself down every day.

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