February 28th 2013 03:05 am

Zen meditation in preparation of 5.2


Ok, so 5.2 still hasn’t hit, which is really fine with me, but I am really looking forward to the new changes. How can Blizzard deal with this situation of people complaining about no content updates, and then the fact that Mists of Pandaria added so much to the game that they could easily wait until April or May for this patch, if they wanted to. That’s just my take though, maybe because after the year of nada from Blizz after 4.3.0 makes me a bit skeptical if any content will be released. But it’s on the PTR now so we know it’s coming. Unless aliens get to us first.

In the meantime I am REALLY loving this monk-ey business stuff. I love the variety of choices to stun opponents. I love being able to get out of stuns/locks easily. I love being able to sprint away. I love setting up a statue to effectively create 2 healers. The statue being the better healer.  Sure he lacks on DPS and Dots, but as far as being able to successfully *catch* and then *kill* this monk means I am low on mana, spells are on timer, and everyone else on Horde is dead too.

… And then there is Zen Meditation. I have been busy, so leveling has been slow, and I prefer to just play PVP at this point in life plus a daily dungeon finder to get my justice points.  To me, PVP is so much better than PvE. And now I have Zen Meditation. When I am able to level/quest in Pandaria it is PVP time! I really look forward to all of the possibilities of ganking and meditating away. The casting time on this “flying mount” is instant.  Keep this in mind with some of the new PVP items:

Horde Insignia of Conquering

Hardened Shell

Overgrown Lilypad

And some others that don’t come to mind just yet. Point is, I really think Blizzard WANTS more world PVP out there. However, a problem with world PVP is that it requires players to actually be in the zones for that to happen.  This is why I think Blizzard has decided to combine players from different servers into the same world zones. I was talking to a guildmate last night in the same situation as me: he changed servers because his old server had little to no people playing on it. Is Blizzard losing a lot of customers and trying to cover it up by confusing the players into thinking all is fine?

At any rate, I can’t wait to get to Pandaria. I should be having a new wow gold review coming soon, the prices are too low to pass up. And I predict a 5.2 release sometime in the first week of March. If not, no big deal because I’m not in a rush. The game now offers so much to do that I’m still catching up. How about all of the readers thoughts?


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