December 2nd 2012 10:37 pm

The Passion of the Panda: And other things WoW Related

Panda Monk

Things are chugging along as a brewmaster. I have ta say it again, that MoP is a game changer for World of Warcraft. WoW! I’m on a barrel roll with these puns today! Really though it’s time to start getting into the wow gold review spirit of Christmas! To start, I would like to show you my baby panda. He is a cliche Pandaran Monk played by a your not-so-average cliche player. I will not reveal too many details because I don’t want some pissed off Chinese mailing me gold until I get banned. Yes, it can happen, and I know many of them H-A-T-E this site!

Pandaren Monk

And yeah, playing a Pandaren is pretty sweet. They just don’t die, or maybe it’s me. The barrel roll is pretty cool, but I think the cooldown should be a bit shorter, especially for the second roll. It does help to get away fast to use both rolls at once. The gameplay is pretty simple so far as well, it’s no goblin vision world.  I’ll get back with more as I continue leveling! (PS.: Before someone says it,  my UI sucks I know, I haven’t taken the time to update it.)

So before I randomly select the next review candidate, leave a comment on this post for any suggestions of sites you want reviewed. I’ll do my best to get to it. And before you leave a comment (yeah, you, Mr. Chinese gold seller), I do review the comments. Don’t link your homepage in the comment and try your best not to look like spam. Chances are good that I’ll mark your comment spam if it looks spammy.

Speaking of spammy spam spam, let’s look at the recent comment by kat (I hope you don’t mind), on ““… Thanks for commenting kat so others can see this terrible tactic. This is typical behavior from these companies, and I will say it time and time again: “Always read the English on these wow gold seller websites. If it is bad English and doesn’t make sense; don’t buy from that site!” For those too lazy to read the comment, here is a selection of your average English to watch out for:

You know , our price is much cheaper than others , so we’ve got lots of customers in the meanwhile. On your server , our gold stocking was in short supply. It may delay the delivery time. But we have been trying to get your gold ready all the time. Now your gold is ready to get delivered. But you need to cancel the dispute first, then we will deliver the gold to you.

Really?! So when a customer puts in a paypal dispute against a gold seller because they blatantly LIED (as usual), only then the wow gold seller starts to care about making the delivery. Kat did a good job and followed the rule.

Protip: Do not close a dispute in paypal when you create it. If you close the dispute, nothing has changed. Now the wow gold seller can take their sweet time delivering because the dispute is closed and a second one may not work. Thanks again for your comment, kat, and I’m glad you got your money back!

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