November 25th 2011 04:40 am

Buy WoW Gold on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up and maybe you’re wondering which crazy shopping day will net you the best WoW Gold deals.

If you looked to me for answers to this most curious dilemma, then I’ll give it to you like straight shooting hunter: BLACK FRIDAY hands down.
I know this advice might seem counterintuitive since WoW Gold sellers are online stores, and Black Friday is more for retail shops and malls, but our wily sellers don’t follow the Internet herd on this one trend.

Based from my experience and current promos like these two from and




WoW Gold sellers want to make a killing on both holidays and do so using one encompassing promo. This means bonuses and discounts typically start just before Black Friday and extend to Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday loyalists might argue that prices tend to drop after the Black Friday rush, but in my experience this isn’t the case.

Besides, the ultimate goal of buying WoW Gold during this time is to have enough for raiding or leveling or however else you play for the rest of the long weekend.

There might be longer-than-usual queues when you shop during Black Friday, but the best WoW Gold sellers should be able to keep up with the demand. I mean they had a year to prepare for this annual bacchanalia of auction house shopping, so show no mercy when they give you the rote excuse of “We didn’t expect there would be so much demand. I’m sorry!”

Sorry my ungeared ass, as Remus and Cletus said.

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