November 24th 2011 05:44 am


That’s the story of the new World of Warcraft ad featuring the geekily sexy Aubrey Plaza. In it, she wonders what to do with the game when all she asked for was diamonds.

Since this is a promotional ad, of course it ends with Aubrey trading the schmuck of a boyfriend for more play time. But it didn’t need to be that way. If only hypothetical boyfriend lavished her with WoW Gold.

This is a clear PSA for any and all boyfriends planning to gift World of Warcraft to their girlfriends this Thanksgiving. Never let them mine their own diamonds. That’s just asking to be dumped or, worse, to lose a potential guild recruit for the coming Patch 4.3 raids.

Priorities, kiddies. Play into the obsession of your girlfriends to prettify their toons with monocles or what-have-you. The trick is to get them invested. Then bam, a double win! Your girlfriend no longer nags you to to stop raiding because she’s actually filling up your last raid slot.

Just like in the real world – all it takes is a little pampering and you’ll get your way. Happy Thanksgiving kiddies!

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