November 18th 2011 05:36 am

Buy WoW Time Card and Become a Criminal Accomplice, Nice!

Ever saw a 60-day time card selling for insanely low prices on WoW Gold sites? Did you almost take the bait only to be stopped by your Spider sense telling you that this is a very bad idea of epically disastrous proportions ?

Good job, kiddies.

You just avoided a rap sheet that will include being an accessory to credit card fraud and online theft. (Sorry, watching too much Law & Order reruns lately). Because something seemingly as harmless as buying game time is actually helping criminals thousands of miles outside of US jurisdiction.

“How the hell does that happen?” Answer: 99 times out of 100, the game time you’re buying for cheap it was bought with a stolen credit card. That’s why it’s priced so low – their cost of acquisition is zero and everything is pure profits for them!

“How did they steal the credit card?” Answer: From unsuspecting WoW Gold buyers who gleefully turned over their credit card details thinking that they would honor financial laws.

It’s easier to explain this string of scams with a visual example. Take , which operates both a WoW Gold selling page and a game time selling page, for a big hypothetical example of how it goes down.

  1. 1. Gold seller obtains credit card info and cash from sold Gold
    2. Unauthorized use of credit card to purchase game time cards
    3. Gold seller sells game time cards and gets more cash
    4. Credit card owner/PayPal/Blizzard catch up to the fraud and cancels everything leaving you with no game time.

The grand moral of this convoluted story: NEVER trust websites that sell both WoW Gold and time cards. Like

But I’m totally not saying that they defraud customers. No siree, that would be serious libel. I have zero proof that they’re a nasty bunch of scammers. They’re probably part of the 1% who do things decently. Because they so look like the types, don’t they, with their brilliant copy and unvarnished customer reputation , right? Right?

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