November 16th 2011 04:50 am

Straight from the Spam Bag: VIVOGAME.COM Cons with Dragons

There’s nothing like mounts to get a WoW player’s attention – and hard-earned dollars.

In the case of, it sends out newsletters designed to shock and awe, hoping readers will be dazed enough to click and buy WoW Gold. Just look at this latest doozy of an e-mail:

The choice of mounts has all the slickness of a professional burglar, I give them that.

Life-Binder’s Handmaiden and Reins of the Blazing Drake mounts are two of the rarest drop mounts in Patch 4.3. They know many players will want to know more about them. Random newbie clicks on the link but then, the switcheroo.

Newbie is led to WoW Gold buying page. Low prices convince him to try it out, not knowing the huge pain of ordering from As if reading the copy isn’t torture enough.

“Catch this rare chance right now”
“Action it as soon as possible”

In their twisted world, nouns become verbs and something as elusive as chance can be caught like a freaking football. Oh, and promo codes don’t have discounts or bonuses.

ViVogame should take a page from the pro playbook of The latest IGE sweepstakes has plenty of legitimate winners, decent enough WoW Gold prizes, and a 10% bonus code just for liking their page.

Now that’s how you run a real promotion.

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