April 29th 2011 03:28 am


“It’s the harmless-looking ones that have the worst bite,” a pet store owner once told me, which I found to be pretty accurate when assessing currency sellers as well.

Whenever I see a crap-looking website, I immediately assume it’s a scammer. But maybe it’s time I widened my net to include skeezebags in sheep’s clothing. Consider: Gamesker.com. This seller pretends to be legitimate, but look closer and you’ll see a swindler par excellence. Truly, the devil is in the details.

Security Certificates – Just For Show

Security certificates are so easy to fake these days. Anyone can go to a major website and lift all the nifty icons and re-paste them on the scam website.

Gamesker.com did just that, not aware that more discerning buyers will also look for the verification link. VeriSign, McAfee, PayPal – all consumer protection features from these companies are checked on a daily basis, and this will be displayed on a clickable link on the icon in question.

All seven icons above from Gamesker.com just redirect you back to the homepage. If you want to compare, just visit EpicToon.com and WoWGoldPig.com or any other reputable seller, and you’ll see that real links offer additional confirmation info.

If Gamesker.com was sneaky enough to lie about its website and payment security, what more with actual service and delivery?

Non-Existent Customer Support

What little hope I had was all but snuffed out when I began searching for a lovely customer agent to help me with an order. You’re all familiar with my MO: I chat them up, ask for supply, get a delivery estimate, and ask other pertinent questions.

But with Gamesker.com you have zero – I repeat ZERO – customer support options. The website offers no customer chat and ALL customer e-mails are addressed to a certain IGEStar.com, but are actually sent to IGE.com.

Confused? Here’s the E-mail Switcheroo Explained!

1. GameSker.com takes your cash and promises to deliver you WoW Gold, RIFT Platinum, etc.

2. You don’t get the currency. You panic and send a customer support e-mail to [email protected] but it gets sent to their competitor IGE.com. Click on Gamesker.com support links and get rerouted as follows:

[email protected] >> mailto: [email protected]
[email protected] >> mailto: [email protected]
[email protected] >> mailto: [email protected]
[email protected] >> mailto: [email protected]

3. Your e-mail actually gets sent to IGE.com, a legitimate site who has no clue how to help you because Gamesker.com fraudulently forwards the e-mail to them.

4. GameSker.com profits without having to deal with your death threats.

Like some sick joke, Gamesker.com redirects all customer support to IGE.com (without consent) while it takes money from scam orders. This website makes those fly-by-night Chinese spammers look like petty thieves in comparison.

Gamesker.com Formerly Know as IGEStar
By now, you won’t need me to point out the obvious. Gamesker.com was previously IGEStar.com, which I heard from friends was shut down due to fraudulent activities. Remnants of the connection can still be seen all across the site copy:

They may have changed names, but the stink is still there for everyone to sniff. And a number of gamers have already included Gamesker.com in must-avoid lists due to this shady connection.

Gamesker is a Legal MMO Shop? My Ass It’s Legal!

Security fraud – check. Customer support scam – check. Changing names – check.

After all these twisted tactics, Gamesker.com has the audacity to claim “Legal MMO Shop!” in all its web pages. It’s a big fat lie, and I urge everyone to stay far, far away from this blatantly criminal seller.

Shame on you Gamesker.com. Or if you can’t even do that, just die.

P.S. I’ve sent an e-mail to IGE.com to get their official statement on the matter. Looking forward to them fighting words!



  1. elvyn on 12 May 2011 at 11:15 am #

    LOL! another scammer site!

  2. GayLord on 30 May 2011 at 12:56 am #

    Screw Gamesker.com!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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