March 26th 2010 06:44 am


Extreme Gold Fan:  Okay, Rachel, let’s jog your memory. Before your account got hacked, did you visit any funky, dubious sites?

Rachel: Um, there was this spammer that kept whispering about a unicorn zebra…

EGF:  Ah yes, the deathless unicorn zebra mount.

Rachel:  I knew it was a scam but I did check out the site very quickly. I looked at the home page and closed the browser tab after 3 seconds.

EGF: Hmm, what site was this?

Rachel: Let me check my notes.

EGF: You are aware that visiting the spammer’s home page, even staying there for 3 seconds already opens you up to a keylogging attack.

Rachel: I know but I have anti-virus software…

EGF: That’s not gonna block dem keyloggers…

Rachel:  I know, I know, okay, geez so I was stupid..

EGF: Not calling you stupid. Just saying that…

Rachel: Ah yes, here it is. The site was battle hyphen armory dot net.  (EGF’s note: GUYS DO NOT GO TO THIS SITE)

EGF:  Okay, that’s our first suspect. Any other site you recall visiting?

Rachel:  (sighs)  Yeah, there’s W W W dot blizzard dot gamehrs dot com.  (EGF’s note: GUYS DO NOT GO TO THIS SITE)

EGF:  WTF. Another unicorn zebra offer?

Rachel:  No, no, it was something about the WoW network being broken…

EGF:  ROFL. Broken WoW network? WTF is that?

Rachel:  Here’s the screenshot. "Dear players, because the network of World of Warcraft had broken off, Blizzard decided to give each player certain compensation. Please visit: ( (EGF’s note: GUYS DO NOT GO TO THIS SITE) and receive compensation for goods."

EGF:  Compensation, my ass.

Rachel:  And that’s it. Then I made some test orders.

EGF: Test orders, right. All orders sent to my account, not your account.

Rachel:  Correct.

EGF: And you ordered from which sites?

Rachel:  (flipping through her notes)  Um…

EGF:  Take your time but hurry up.

Rachel:  Susan Express…

EGF:  Ha!

Rachel:  Goldrocku dot com, Inwowgold dot com, Goldsales4u dot com, and THIGE dot com.

EGF:  Okay so that’s Susan Express and Goldrocku dot com and Inwowgold dot com and Goldsales4u dot com and…what? THIGE? Is that like a sister site of IGE ?

Rachel:  No. THIGE is different. It’s owned by a Chinese group and the company name on PayPal is SMGP Co. Ltd.

EGF:  I see. So again, prior to getting hacked, those were the sites you visited and ordered from.

Rachel: Uh huh.

EGF: I didn’t even get all of the gold orders on time. They all sucked.

Rachel: I know.

EGF:  Hell they didn’t even give you your damn uinicorn zebra.

Rachel:  I know. I would have wanted one. I was just one mount away from achieving Mountain o’ Mounts .

EGF:  Well, they f*cked up your account.

Rachel:  I know. I miss my shammy.

EGF: I miss her too.

Rachel: So whacha gonna tell your readers?

EGF: The usual. Report in-game spam. Don’t believe in the free mount hook. Learn from your tragedy. AND avoid the aforementioned sites. Because you just don’t know which one of them hacked your account so just to be on the safe side, don’t visit them, don’t buy from them. Period.

Rachel:  You’re a good man, bud.

EGF:  I know.



  1. Stanley on 26 Mar 2010 at 6:58 pm #

    “Dear players, because the network of World of Warcraft had broken off, Blizzard decided to give each player certain compensation.” >>> ROFL!!! Priceless.. broken off… That’s So ESL!

  2. Hot "F"udge on 27 Mar 2010 at 6:04 pm #

    LOL.. that THIGE site have UPS delivery. I think they are really serious about face to face wow gold delivery.

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