June 8th 2009 10:43 pm

WOWTREASURES.COM: IN A MATTER OF MINUTES? NOPE Plus More Like In A Matter of A Few Hours (3/4)

In a matter of minutes, Christian said.

If I’m lucky, that is.

Well, do I feel lucky…punk?

Indeed, this morning I still considered myself very lucky.  :)   Seems Lady Fortune has taken pity on me and has decided to give me another break.

Here’s what happened to this happy camper:

Espresso. Toast.

Completed a quest that required little effort, brain and zero killing. All I had to do was deliver a message to someone ’cause phones haven’t been invented yet in Azeroth and people don’t want to use carrier pigeons.

Kept a watch on the clock. Waited for the phone to ring, thinking they’d have to authenticate my order first. But no one called and the first hour mark had gone by.

Kissed the "in a matter of minutes" delivery goodbye and braced myself for "in a matter of 24 hours or so" waiting for my gold.

Went AFK ’cause I had to make a phone call and do a few other things and then…

WoWTreasures Whisper-1

Why the hell does the delivery toon’s whisper come in JUST WHEN I AM AFK??? It’s a conspiracy! Good thing I was quick to spot the pink text and grabbed the mouse before he could give up on me and log off.

WoWTreasures Whisper-2

Guess Ratchet is the new Orgrimmar for the Horde side…unless it’s also the meeting place for Allies. Well, it’s neutral territory…

I told him I needed a few minutes to get there and he waited near the bank. When I got there, I whispered "hi, it’s me" but he didn’t reply. So I had to jump up amd down and /dance to catch his attention. How’s THAT for subtlety?

He told me "sorry, had to go bathroom". Ugh, like I needed to know that one!

As expected, I was invited to trade with him. It was, as all trades go, quick and easy. Then he left.

I got my gold.

Two hours and 17 minutes after I placed that order.  :D

Good job, WoWTreasures. Good job. You do the small league proud!


This calls for another plaque!

To be continued.


2 Responses to “WOWTREASURES.COM: IN A MATTER OF MINUTES? NOPE Plus More Like In A Matter of A Few Hours (3/4)”

  1. meatwad on 09 Jun 2009 at 10:29 am #

    the delivery guy seems vulgar mentioning, “hi i am the delivery man…” via whisper.

  2. Hot "F"udge on 09 Jun 2009 at 2:12 pm #

    I thought he said, “Hi! I am the delivery man. Please come with me if you want to live!”

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