June 8th 2009 06:04 am


Alright, new week, new review! Let’s get right to it!

Our new victim subject: WoWTreasures.com.

WoWTreasures Home Page

Okay, so it sells other types of game currency, and I’ll never know how good they are in delivering the other kind of stuff. But all we care about is how good they are in getting us our WoW gold on time, right? :)

"Since 1998 UO Treasures has been the the top online site for all of your gaming needs. Launching UOTreasures.com in 1998, we were one of the first sites to offer Ultima Online gaming items" – Guess that was their old name. Who among you kids played Ultima Online back in the day?

WoW Treasures Home Page 2

Dudes, they’re clearly old news. Your home page needs to be updated!

WoW Treasures FAQ

LOL! I can’t believe one of the most frequently asked questions they get is "What is a MMORPG?" .  Come on!!!!!!

"Some people want to use their money to buy the latest Britney Spears album, some want to enhance their gaming experience" – There are actually people out there who still dig Britney??

"25,000 positive feedbacks on ebay" – If I get lucky with my purchase, my positive feedback will be #25,001. Mind-boggling…

"The only thing you can get banned for is having another person powerlevel your account" – Any power-leveling companies out there who wanna comment on this one?

Let’s go to Live Help.

WoW Treasures Chat Window

WoW Treasures Chat-1

Sheesh, he didn’t have to use up the entire library at once…it was a simple question.

WoW Treasures Chat 2

Textbook chat. I just bored myself. Or maybe my insomnia is just about to leave me…


Well, Christian did his job and I got the answers to my usual questions, standard as they may be. I’ll place an order but first, I need coffee strong enough to blast Ironforge into rubble.

To be continued….

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  1. Shaka on 28 Jun 2010 at 9:03 pm #

    I would be very wary buying from wowtresures. Previously I played UO and UO treasures was one of the largest gold sellers (buying gold in UO wasnt against TOS btw) around, they were also one of the most devious being responsible for getting 1000′s of users banned for selling duped items and gold although they claimed all their goods were legit. Duped means they exploited bugs in the game to constantly double items or gold depending on the kind of exploit. BE CAREFUL DEALING WITH THEM. There were tons of articles regarding them, I was able to dig this one up: http://www.tradespot.net/#37

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