April 27th 2009 05:44 am


NEWSFLASH: WoW Gold Facts is now accepting ads from gold sellers.

After celebrating an incredible first year that saw WGF readership going up, up and up (and site hosting fees going up, up, up as well), Extreme Gold Fan has decided to lease virtual real estate to the sellers looking to put up more of their awesome banners in cyberspace. Without a doubt, banners on my site will look cooler than those little Google ads, and bring in a bit more dough for this cash-strapped soul (as Google continues to pay less  with the economy downturn .)

However, please note that I will accept ads only from sites that have earned a WGF medal. This is non-negotiable. Not even a blank check from a spammer-slash-scammer will sway me.

I am also concerned about the look and feel of my site. Besides containing honest messages, your ads’ design must blend in nicely. That means no garish artwork or over-the-top flash that can trigger migraines or seizures. Even if you are a WGF medalist, your advertising will not be accepted if it sticks out like a sore thumb. In this case, I say hire a better graphic artist and get back to me with a more tasteful version.

Additionally, WGF does not accept ads and sponsors from non-WoW gold sellers.

If you have further questions, send an email to:
WoW Gold Facts email

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