November 19th 2008 12:28 am

GUY4GAME.COM: THIS GUY IS ORDERING Plus Playing The Waiting Game (2/4)

Have money, will travel.

To the unknown.

This is it, kiddies. I’m ordering gold from Gay4Game…at a painful price.

I mean Guy4Game, damn it.

But first, to chat with a customer rep, as is my (evil) wont.

Do take note of the sentence in the image below that says: "The ‘send’ button is temporarily useless if you are in a waiting queue." Useless. Nice way to put it. We’re off to a good start.

I get some girl named Emma.

(Note: the chat transcript is available in text format at the end of this post for the benefit of those who can’t see the images properly.)

Guy4Game Chat-1

That’s just a random server I selected for this chat.

Guy4Game Chat-2

A simple question about ETA and then suddenly their internet connections goes haywire. At least that’s her excuse for the 7 minutes she had me waiting.

Guy4Game Chat-3

Brilliant. So not only is their WoW gold expensive, but it’s also not readily available and they need to hustle for it for 24-72 hours. Amazing!

This is retarded. If you’re gonna jack up the price of WoW gold, it better be for a valid reason, like delivery within half an hour, and without any hassle. Something like that.

And speaking of hassle, check this out:

Guy4Game Chat-4

Guy4Game Chat-5

Join their guild? Pick up the gold myself? Set up a Level 1 character to collect at least 1500 gold? Borders on iffy. May be doable but still iffy and having a low-level toon carry around that relatively big amount makes me paranoid.

Guy4Game Chat-6

"Mull over this one". Yeah for like 10 seconds. LOL.

Okay, time to place an order. Let’s subject Guy4Game to the acid test. EGF’s acid test.

(Click for a larger image)

Nope. No discount coupon. Just my luck.

Guy4Game Payment Center-2

Must I really register???

Guy4Game Register

Oh for crying out loud! Why can’t they implement a quick check-out and pay method minus the agony of registration??? Guy4Game, get with the frucking program!!!

Guy4Game Post-register

The things I do to write a review. Sheesh.

OUR NETWORKING. Such a creative, one-of-a-kind name.

Guy4Game Invoice

The business address says Ontario, Canada but the rep I chatted with was just so eerily similar to the Chinese agents I encountered in the past — sentence construction pattern, grammar lapses and all.

Lo and behold, an email from Guy4Game lands in my inbox:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for choosing Guy4game.

For security purpose we require a purchase confirmation. We will begin fulfilling your order XXXXXX after we have received the PayPal/CC account holder’s phone or fax confirmation. Once confirmation is finished, we will finish your order as quickly as possible. Please also be advised that our billing department is open from 8 am-11pm EST time (Toronto Canada).

Please check with our 24/7 online sales support for more details.

Thank you for your patience.

MSN: [email protected]
Live chat on website
Email: [email protected]

It’s a recession and they want to question the money? LOL.

Are they gonna call or what?

I’m gonna stay up for another hour. If they call while I’m asleep, there will be hell to pay.


Please provide your Order ID and wait for a site operator to respond. The "send" button is temporarily useless if you are in a waiting queue. An operator will be with you shortly, thank you. PS: Please kindly rate the service you received by clicking "close" button on the top of the right corner after the conversation, your valuable feedback will help us to enhance our service in future. Thank you!

You are now chatting with ‘Emma’

Emma: Welcome to ! How may I assist you today?

you: Hello!

Emma: hi

you: I wanna buy WoW gold but I wanna know first how fast you guys deliver. :)

Emma: may I know it’s for us server or eu server?

you: US. Bonechewer Horde.

Emma: let me check for you

you: Ok

you: I wanna buy 1500 gold, BTW

Emma: ok

you: Well? It’s been 7 mins. Can you tell me how fast you ddeliver on my server?

Emma: the internet is not stable

Emma: sorry

you: Well, that’s comforting to know….NOT! You guys don’t operate on a robust and steady platform?

Emma: hi

you: Should I be scared?

Emma: right now we have 2000gold worthy of items

you: Huh? Look, I just want 1500 gold. Forget the items.

Emma: but no gold at the moment

you: Holy….

Emma: if you had any order with us before

Emma: we will try to collect for you

Emma: and as soon as it is ready, we will email you

you: I’m a first-time buyer.

Emma: welcome

you: Well, how long will it take you to collect the gold?

you: Eh

you: Don’

you: Don’t be so cheesy.

Emma: it depends on the market status, usually about 24-72 hours

you: 72 hours…..cripes

you: And you guys have the most expensive gold around. How can you justify the prices, tell me

you: Well, let’s say I’m willing to wait up to 72 hours….will you deliver the gold via mail or will it be a face to face trade?

Emma: while it’s just the regular time

Emma: usually it will take shorter time

you: What? I beg your…oh okay, you’re just setting the right expectations and playing it safe…but 72 hours, ah jeepers….

you: Answer my question about the trade method, please.

Emma: while if you can wait, we will try our best to collect your gold ready as soon as possible,

Emma: for gold, we would like to do face to face trade

Emma: we will invite you to our guild and you can pick up gold by yourself

you: Great! I prefer face to face..uh, how will I know when you guys are about to deliver my gold? Will you call?

you: Excuse me?

Emma: we can give you a call at a proper time

Emma: usually we will email you

you: I’m already a member of a guild and I can’t diss my buddies just so I can pick up gold at your convenience. You’re the only site I know that requires your customer to join your guild for the pick-up. Bizarre.

Emma: how about you set up a 1 level chat in the account and you can use that char to do trade with us

Emma: that is a safety way considering your account as well as our own

you: This is such a hassle….look, why don’t you just deliver the gold via mail?

you: Level 1 character….eh, lemme think about it.

Emma: I guess you have heard from others that it is not safe to deliver gold via email

Emma: which may get your account suspended

Emma: so please think about our suggestion

you: Well, excuse me but my friends and I have ordered from sites that delivered the gold to our ingame mail and we’ve never had our acounts suspended. So please think about that, Emma! BTW, where are you located?

Emma: Canada

you: Um-kay

you: They don’t have stable internet connection in Canada?

Emma: but for us, sorry that we will not mail gold

you: Well, thanks for your time, Emma. I’m going to have to mull over this one.

Emma: no

Emma: just yesterday and today

you: Your gold is expensive, your delivery ETA is a pitiful 72 hours, you want me to create a Level 1 character to pick 1500 gold, but before I do that I have to join your guild. Doesn’t sound very convenient and straightforward. I don’t know how you people manage to stay in business.

Emma: sometimes the internet will become unstable

you: Whatever, darling. I’m outta here. Good night.

you: *waves*


21 Responses to “GUY4GAME.COM: THIS GUY IS ORDERING Plus Playing The Waiting Game (2/4)”

  1. Trev on 19 Nov 2008 at 8:15 am #

    You’re wasting your money, EGF. Guy4game is a scam and they have the worst customer service! Took me 2 weeks to get my money back.

  2. Lestat de Lioncourt on 19 Nov 2008 at 10:30 pm #

    Smells like someone’s filing a chargeback. :D

  3. Cathryn Wheel on 20 Nov 2008 at 3:29 am #

    Well?????? Any luck in getting your gold from Gay4Game, erm, Guy4Game? :D

  4. Emo-rtal Vam"F"ire on 20 Nov 2008 at 4:33 am #

    This is a big Uh-oh, EGF. How can they farm gold if their employees are mostly gays? And just to claim your order, you have to join their guild or should we call it their in-game gay federation? haha…Big Joke! This reminds me of Alex ‘The Gay’. anywys, I’ll be waiting for the next post. Good luck! *waves*

  5. kemo on 12 Mar 2009 at 5:45 pm #

    Wow! just… wow! I usually read postings like this, snicker and then go on my way, but this one takes the cake. You my friend are a complete f—- moron. 1. You contact this people and are extremely rude expecting them to be pleasant and courteous, which they were. 2. You’re b—ing about them taking long to answer your questions, and when they give a valid reason you throw it out the window like you know anything about lag on the internet, and make the suggestion that it is completely out of the question that it could ever happen to anyone else. 3. And this one takes the cake: You want 1500 gold to be delivered to you through trade or by mail for no reason whatsoever and no transaction, LOL….u fail at life …and in your case they should have made an exception so that you could get your account suspended. Most good sites will either make you place a pack of wool of something else cheap on the AH with a ridiculous by out amount that they purchase so that you can get your gold legitimately or use the join a guild technique to avoid face to face interaction which is much easier to track by blizz and raises more flags. YOU FAIL! 4. You complain about the information that they ask you to fill in like they shouldn’t be able to authorize your paypal of CC information just to make sure that you (as the 13 year old pimple faced f— you are) have not stolen the credit card or account you are using. 5. I just bought 10K worth of gold from them, they said it would be 1 to 2 days (if it would have gone over 24 hrs then they give you a 25% bonus on your order) and i got it within 5 hours of ordering it. 6. F— a dog and jump up your dad’s ass. F—- indian!

  6. chicken on 29 Mar 2009 at 7:48 pm #

    hahahha kemo hahah that was good, i am also buying runescape gold from them i am buying 40mil, they lost my fire cape so i got made (best cape in the game takes a day to get) so they were very nice and got it back for me AND gave me 45mil. i trust them and they are nice. but there support system is hotkeyed so it gets annoying. they have 3 locations canada china and us. they are mostly in canada though. and they said it would take a week. it took about a week and a half. so it was slow but worked out ok!

  7. Killer139 on 02 May 2009 at 4:57 pm #

    I have bought stuff from Guy4Game many times and they have not failed me once Also Account getting suspended is Very true bought money off another site want me to go to them and they made me trade with them and my account got suspended. In total i have bought money for 4 different games and a grant total of 48 purchases with them. One game money got removed by a GM and i contacted Guy4Game and resent the money back to me. But heres always a Very good hint DONT USE YOUR MAIN ACCOUNTS TO GET THEM TO SENT THE MONEY TO Makes your main account MUCH safer I do have to say there live support needs some work :P I highly trust people at G4G

  8. Tom on 10 Jul 2010 at 4:57 am #

    I recently purchased 200mil from them for maplestory and its been over 48 hours and they havent given me the money yet… i hope to get the money soon, and if i do get scammed (like this website is telling me i will) i will post it. ps customer service is a little slow but it got the job done

  9. tlktck on 19 Jul 2010 at 2:55 pm #

    Several of the people commenting are linking back to guy4game. It seems you have a few spammers.

  10. abby on 30 Aug 2010 at 11:31 pm #

    yes, they usually deliver fast. but they go through suppliers in china, who do stupid things sometimes – like ask to trade the gold back for a screen still, or say things like ‘hi i’m from g4g. did you get ur gold yet?’ in game. also people in this company seem to take note of your toon name and give it to other gold suppliers, because a day after i got gold from guy4game i kept getting whispers and deleted mail from random chinese farmers asking me to buy their damn gold. obviously their chat staff are bots half the time or chinese farmers in china. they may be based in the u.s, but their suppliers are still all in china. this is true for most if not all virtual currency sellers though, but there are better and more secure places to get gold from.

  11. javarod on 06 Dec 2010 at 1:19 pm #

    No problem getting my gold purchase from these guys, only problem is when I tried to log on a week later and found my account banned. They used a keylogger, accessed my account, created a bunch of mules on other servers, and took all the gold they had originally sold me. Total scam site.

  12. Chris on 15 Dec 2010 at 3:04 pm #

    Absolutely the worst service i have ever had.DO NOT BUY OR SELL TO THEM. bought gold from them for one account after selling my other account to them, never received the gold and after 5 days of fighting with there terrible customer service they gave me half of what i was offered for the account. Worst, and i mean worst customer service and there about as disrespectful as can be.

  13. johnson on 20 Dec 2010 at 3:29 pm #

    Theyre not based in canada and the US , theyre based in china. They google random north american address’ to put on their fake sites and fake invoices. Of course they know once they rip you off , paypal wouldnt refund you anything for virtual goods. Sorry to say but once you get scammed for virtual goods you dont get yoru money back. I got a random whisper too. The person , claimed I put something in the AH for 2000 and they bought it and they’ve been looking for me for weeks on WoW , it was a chinese farmer trying to steal my gold from me by conning me , lying and making up bullshit to con me. well yeah im on the look out for you chinky farmers. So keep it coming , im not as dumb as you think and neither are half the million ppl that play WoW.

  14. Taylor on 09 Dec 2011 at 6:22 am #

    * * * GUY4GAME WILL RIP YOU OFF * * * So the first time I bought gold from guy4game went smoothly. I bought 11000 gold for 15USD. Paid via Paypal. Yes the registration asking for your address etc is stupid, but I had my gold delivered to me in person (@Northshire Abbey) within half an hour. (Their lvl 1 character whispered to me). Then I return a week later to buy another 11000. I login, and pay quickly via Paypal. I hang around Northshire Abbey for about 15 minutes and a new lvl 1 character talks to me, only this time, there are TWO OF THEM. (both whispering to me) Immediately this set off red flags in my mind. Instead of getting right into the trade like the first time, one of them asks “how much gold did you order?” Again, suspect. “We need to take screenshot of all the gold you have received and we will give you rewards” WTF!!!?? Then they actually try to convince me to give them all of my gold. WTF!!!??? So I ask “Why do you need MY gold?” They play the “poor-internet-connection-card” and both log off simultaneously. No replies to emails. I still havent received my 11000 gold. SCAMMED.

  15. caleb on 16 Jun 2012 at 8:22 pm #

    ive been on this site i havent had any problems at all there a lil slow but great service

  16. caleb on 16 Jun 2012 at 8:23 pm #

    oh btw there companys are based in us canada and china

  17. Soljourner on 01 Oct 2012 at 12:19 pm #

    I’ve actually bought a few things from Guy4Game and they have always delivered and customer service usually solves all problems. The problem is that if you stop paying Blizzard on an account subscription, Guy4Game will get the email from Blizzard and take the account back over from you. Usually this results in the account being banned when you look it up. But other than that, if you keep up the account, they have never brazenly cheated me, and helped several times. I actually recommend them as a reliable internet site.

  18. wtf on 28 Oct 2012 at 9:24 pm #

    Wait Soljourner, WTF? You’re saying that Guy4Game will try to steal back your account AND you recommend them? WTF? Why on Earth would you say that Guy4game will try to steal back an account, which leads to a ban, and that you trust them? What else do you trust in life, out of curiosity?

  19. wilson on 18 Jan 2013 at 5:02 am #

    Well, I just purchased some mesos off Guy4Game and I’ve been waiting for about 72 hours yet no response. How long did it take you guys to get the mesos they offer?

  20. Gigi on 04 Apr 2013 at 11:15 am #

    Used them for SWTOR. I usually grind my own gold and generally not approving of buying way but I returned to the game to find all my mains on one server and would have to delete 4 of them justto open one. If I paid for the 22 slots that is. I just wanted to play with friends. It was smooth, easy and smartly done. and was an hour less than they quoted for time. It took overnight (6 hours) for 200k in credits Only problem I had is that “employees” (if they were) OTHER than one I originally dealt with and is my “official” worker for “contracts” keep spamming my email (and go straight to spam since not allowable conatct). My contractor pings me about once a month with some deal or another. But I find them suspect anyway. Not had any in-game hassles..course this is years after original review and more english speaker. I suspect Facebook or Google more than G4G in releasing my info to “similar” companies since it happens in many things I make internet purchases for. I want to try in WoW to put myself in precata position but I fear anything going wrong… unlike the SWTOR that I never quite got into, WoW even on bad times isn a mainstay for me. I lost a main account ( I was multiboxer) a few years back .. and it was compromised (use the authenticator since day invented-no probs since) by a real hacker(or my Ex hub gave my account info away-end of story is it got permbanned.) My secondary accounts did not have the same seniority or PvP. It HURT. I couldn’t chance that with the two mains I kept (I gave two away to family thru bilzz ^_^) But as service company in 2013 they were quick, had good customer service speaking normal english and fufilled the order in the time quoted

  21. Crystal on 03 Jul 2013 at 9:42 pm #

    This site is a scam! DON’T USE IT! I’m fighting them for a stupid refund..I will never use guy4game ever again, or any other gold providing site. They are giving me the run around for 11$ and in live chat all they do is say “sorry” and say you will get an email about your refund in 4 hours..a few hours..when our Canadian reps come back…I mean wth?..and when I asked where these Canadian dealers come back she never answered me..I’m really frustrated right now. So good luck to anyone using this site..but in my opinion DON’T USE IT!!

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