September 15th 2008 04:26 am


I owe you kiddies a review, not another diatribe, but please indulge me because I feel the need to reiterate to a certain group of HYPERSENSITIVE people out there who exactly this blogsite is for and why they should quit dictating their standards on me.

1. WOWGOLDFACTS.COM IS FOR GOLD-BUYING WOW PLAYERS LIKE ME WHO ARE ON THE HUNT FOR THE BEST WOW GOLD DEALERS IN THE MARKET. If you detest WoW or especially detest the practice of buying gold from an RMT company, then please do NOT read my posts. Do NOT throw a hissy-fit by bringing up the EULA. I do NOT care about the EULA (neither do the millions of players who buy gold). I do NOT want, wish or plan to debate about the ethics of purchasing virtual currency. I am just some person who loves WoW but doesn’t have the time to grind and who created this site so I can share my WoW gold-buying experience to people who buy gold as well.

2. QUIT NITPICKING THE STUFF I WRITE AND CRYING HOW POLITICALLY INCORRECT I AM. This site is by no means a tool to incite ethnic or racial hatred. Get that into your thick skull. I WOULD NEVER DELIBERATELY SLAM A PARTICULAR ETHNIC GROUP FOR THE SHEER EVIL PLEASURE OF IT. If I say something unsavory about some site’s customer support, it’s because I’ve been provoked by someone who failed to represent his or her people in a positive light by treating me – a paying customer – VERY VERY VERY badly. You also forget that I am not the first or only person on this godforsaken earth to say off-the-cuff quips in the heat of the moment. Oh, and please don’t tell me you’ve never uttered a single inadvertent, unintentional offensive remark about a certain group of people in your entire life because that just smacks of hypocrisy. If I have to watch every word I say, then I would just be betraying myself. That would be the death of my spontaneity. And speaking of the things I say….

3. I FOREWARN ALL AND SUNDRY IF MY POST CONTAINS STRONG (READ: FOUL) LANGUAGE. Again, if you are easily offended by four-letter words, close the window or move to another site. Don’t make life difficult for yourself or me. This is my blog and the crap I go through chasing gold is my personal agony and I HAVE EVERY DAMN RIGHT TO EXPRESS MY FRUSTRATION IN ANY MANNER I WANT. I can’t believe how people are so quick to paint me as someone who fights customer support reps for no reason. Hell, do you people even read the transcripts from start to finish? Go check out who the bigger jackass was in the equation before you call me an unreasonable, potty-mouthed brat! Do I have a temper? Duh, of course I have a temper. Do I spew out insults for the sake of spewing insults? Hell no! So keep that in mind before you sympathize with the customer support bot, er, rep who dissed me to Kingdom come!

OMG, I will die an early death if I try to please every single one of you people!

Postscript to Strife regarding your MySpace pics: Your blue bikini is tacky and your boots are tackier.

Before you attack me, I suggest you clean up your own act. You make me want to bathe in bleach and douse my eyes with rubbing alcohol after viewing your photo gallery. I have never felt dirtier, I swear.



  1. sweetanya on 15 Sep 2008 at 5:19 am #

    now you see the consequence Strife. =p i still hate you.

  2. Cathryn Wheel on 15 Sep 2008 at 6:14 am #

    OMG those are her MySpace pics? Bimbo alert!

  3. oli on 15 Sep 2008 at 10:34 pm #

    Hell hath no fury like EGF scorned, I mean, crossed. and EGF rock!!!

  4. Lestat de Lioncourt on 17 Sep 2008 at 9:35 pm #

    LOLOMGWTFROTFLMAOBBQSAUCE. Need a bucket. I’m gonna puke.

  5. Chuckie the Doll on 17 Sep 2008 at 9:58 pm #

    Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho HO

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