April 14th 2008 07:30 am


Just a little intermission before I resume my fact-checking duties:

I received not a few emails from WoW-playing and WoWGoldFacts.com-reading kiddies asking me if I actually have a set of criteria that a WoW gold-selling site must meet so as not to incur my wrath.

Yes, my pretties, I do. All WoW gold sellers– big and small, old and new, legitimate and dubious — have to meet the following criteria to earn a favorable review from yours truly:

EASY-TO-USE SITE. I hate sites that require you to fill out fifty forms and jump through hoops like a circus tiger just to get to the damn checkout page. It took Houdini less than 10 minutes to wiggle out of his chains and handcuffs underwater. Navigating a website shouldn’t be that complicated and death-defying, so it should take me faster than Houdini to look for my server, select the amount of currency I need and pay for it.

I also hate cluttered landing pages that look like they were designed by a madman whose idea of 21st-century torture is information overload, complete with seizure-inducing flash banners. I don’t know about you kiddies, but I don’t care for fancy-schmancy sites with too many bells and whistles. I’m there to buy gold and get it over and done with, not watch some tacky Moulin Rouge show.

PRICE. Well, not exactly an ironclad criterion. I may be a cheapskate but when I’m desperate I’m willing to fork over extra moolah ($5 dollars max!). The site that has stock and can deliver my gold faster than everyone else is the site I’m willing to pay that extra 5 dollars. With WoW gold prices fluctuating everyday, the major players are always coming up with these special deals and you don’t know which one is the real McCoy. With that in mind, the next requirement I have is….

HONEST ADVERTISEMENT. Can anyone say $5 per 1000 gold? Anyone? Anyone from WoWMine.com ? Come on, don’t be shy.

Seriously, finding sincere and truthful ads these days is like looking for a happily married, monogamous couple in Hollywood. You just don’t know if they exist! In the virtual currency business, who needs lovers when gold-selling sites will screw you at the drop of a hat with the ol’ bait and switch? Like any customer who works hard for his money, I detest getting hoodwinked into paying for something I’ll never receive…or will receive after several days of waiting. And speaking of waiting, the next criterion is….

DELIVERY SPEED. I don’t expect to get my gold in a few minutes. That’d be highly unrealistic. I have yet to hear of someone who received his gold that fast via face-to-face (F2F) trade. My personal threshold is 3 hours for F2F and 12 hours for in-game mail delivery. Sometimes, I’m willing to wait longer BUT ONLY if customer service gives me the heads-up by being truthful to me about any backlogs they may have.

And speaking of which…

CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Live chat or email, I hate getting canned text. I also hate getting the same canned text over and over. I can forgive the grammar lapses as I know for a fact that in this day and age, customer service is handled by people in another part of this world. Just as long as:

a) their basic English skills keep misunderstanding at bay
b) they don’t sound like a broken record
c) they are polite and truthful
d) they are willing to go the extra mile

…then they won’t have a problem with me. However, I hate customer support reps who:

a) were not adequately trained to communicate with their customers
b) sound like a broken record
c) are dishonest and rude
d) are dismissive and unwilling to assist customers

At some point, I think a gold-selling site’s customer support team is their last ticket to redemption in the event that service lags or just gets totally f***ed up. An excellent customer rep will find ways to pacify the angry customer, keep the sale and do some damage control. BUT!!!…no matter how excellent and accommodating customer service is, if the people responsible for delivery CAN’T DELIVER consistently, no amount of public relations will clean up the BS that hit the fan.

And that’s my (refunded) two cents.

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  1. Jason Whitmen on 14 Apr 2008 at 7:59 am #

    A friend of mine just emailed me one of your articles from a while back. I read that one a few more. Really enjoy your blog. Thanks. Jason Whitmen

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